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Visit to the sugar cane mill
2016-01-29 21:28:20

Available for the first 30 people that send the payment receipt of the registration fee and complete the online registration form

Researchers at Technical University of Denmark - DTU join the scientific committee AMDM2016
2015-11-06 14:33:38

The researchers Alfredo Peña Díaz PhD, Maria Puig Arnavat PhD and Juan Felipe Gallego Calderón PhD from Technical University of Denmark (DTU) joined to the AMDM2016 Scientific Committee.

Alfredo Peña Diaz , PhD .
Senior Scientist at DTU Wind Energy.  Interested in most wind-energy related activities but mainly in wind power meteorology and resource assessment, ground-based remote sensing, atmospheric boundary-layer modelling, atmospheric turbulence (modelling and measurements), wind farm wake analysis, micro- and meso-scale modelling, and data analysis and interpretation.

Arnavat Maria Puig , PhD.
Researcher at DTU Chemical Engineering.  Broad knowledge in renewable energy sources and specialized in: thermal gasification of biomass, modelling of thermal energy systems, integration of ceramic oxygen membranes in biomass gasification and cement plants, thermal refrigeration systems (absorption chillers), cogeneration and trigeneration systems. Also knowledge in the pre-treatment and characterization of solid biomass fuels (pellets) and in 2D imaging techniques for particle analysis by digital image processing. Experience in working with laboratory and bench scale pelletizers.

Juan Felipe Gallego Calderon , PhD.
Postdoc at DTU Wind Energy.  Specialized in the premature failure of bearings in wind turbine drivetrains. He has used systems engineering approaches where he has combined several disciplines (mechanical, electrical, structural and control engineering) to develop models and to implement simulation tools to estimate the loading on the drivetrain components, with special attention to the bearings.

Welcome to AMDM2016.
2015-09-14 09:30:56